Devilink Wireless Control

Devilink Wireless Control

The Devilink system offers complete control over the eLine range of underfloor heating products wirelessly from one central control. This gives you a simple and efficient method of controlling your entire heating system from an easy to use touch screen panel.

Safe and reliable, Devilink™ is a two-way communication system based on wireless technology. If you think that advanced indoor heating control is complicated, inconvenient and expensive – think again. Devilink™ is here for your convenience, setting new standards within modern heating control. It is state-of-the-art technology, giving you the possibility of controlling your indoor temperatures from one central place in your home. The Devilink™ solution consists of three wireless devices: The mandatory Devilink™ CC (central controller) and Devilink™ FT (floor thermostat as well as the optional Devilink™ RS (room sensor). Put together these devices give you an indoor environment you can easily enjoy to the fullest every day.

Devilink™ is the heating control system of tomorrow. It builds on a scaleable platform, so new requirements are easy integrated. The system is build to expand with your needs. Below are listed some of the key features to give you an impression of the many possibilities.

Devilink Control 1
User-friendly interface
Simple user interface with touch screen display makes your navigation easy.

Devilink Control 3
Plan your holidays
Turn down the heat when you’re away from home or activate vacation mode before you leave.

Devilink Control 4
Adjust heating from one place
Control your entire house from the central controller – placed exactly where you want it.

Devilink Control 3
Individual temperature adjustment
In just a few steps you can adjust temperatures for each individual room in your house.

Devilink Control 4
Daily overview
Control the daily heating to the pleasure of everyone. Adjustment is simple and can be done quickly.

Devilink Control 6
Schedule your heating
Monitor and control the heating of your entire house with the intelligent heating schedule.


  • Simple, stylish and user friendly
  • Colour touch screen panel enabling simple navigation
  • Wirelessly controls your entire heating system
  • Latest technology
  • Ideal for both wet and electric underfloor heating


Part Code Description Price (ex VAT) Price (inc VAT)
Devilink CC 19190032 Devilink CC 5 Rooms or Less (Inc Wall mounted Power Supply) £423.29 £507.95
Devilink CC 19190030 Devilink CC 6 Rooms or More (Inc Wall mounted Power Supply) £513.98 £616.78
Devilink FT 19190005 Devilink FT £60.46 £72.55
Devilink RS 19150004 Devilink RS £58.95 £70.74
Devilink CB Commissioning Battery £30.25 £36.30
Devilink NSU Power Supply (Free Standing) Devilink CC £36.29 £43.55
Devilink PSU In Wall Power Supply for Devilink CC £33.27 £39.92

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Devilink Brochure  Devilink CC Manual Devilink FT ManualDevilink RS Manual