Mandarin Stone

Direct Underfloor Heating recommend Mandarin Stone.

Mandarin Stone was founded by Alma Small in 1989, almost by accident… she was approached by the owner of a roofing slate company to market a large consignment of flooring slate. Nearly twenty five years later the company remains within the Small family and every member plays a key role.

As a UK market leader within the natural stone industry, Mandarin Stone have carefully formulated an extensive product range to offer design concepts for both residential and commercial projects. Over 100 different lines including Limestone, Marble, Slate, Travertine, Sandstone, Schist, Terracotta, Granite, Basalt and an ever expanding portfolio of Porcelain, Ceramic, Decorative & Glazed tiles, are imported and stocked to high levels.

Care and Commitment

Mandarin Stone pride themselves on taking a personal approach with every customer’s individual requirements. Stone consultants are always on hand to help achieve the desired look, by talking through colours and textures.



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