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ePlate Heating for Under Wood Surfaces

ePlate Heating for Under Wood Surfaces

The ePlate panels are constructed from 12mm polystyrene with a 1mm aluminium covering moulded with eFlex cable grooves every 100mm. The ePlate can be installed on new or existing sub floors with the finished wooden flooring fitted directly on top, this offers a fast response with a very even floor heat.


The ePlate can be laid directly beneath wood, laminate and engineered timber floors without the need for a covering screed (dry fit).

Floor Construction for eFlex Underfloor Heating Cable


Part Code Description Coverage Price (ex VAT) Price (inc VAT)
189B9180 ePlate 1000mm x 500mm 0.5m² £22.26 £26.71

Fixing Accessories

Part Code Description Length Price (ex VAT) Price (inc VAT)
846243-000 Aluminium adhesive tape 50m £29.40 £35.28
eds25 eFix double-sided tape 25m £6.37 £7.64
eds50 eFix double-sided tape 50m £11.50 £13.80

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