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eDemist (Demista™) Mist Free Mirrors


An ultra thin self-adhesive heating pad that fits inconspicuously behind virtually any morror keeping the mirror completely mist free. The eDemist (Demista™) represents the most up-to-date standards in technology giving a high degree of temperature stability, with complete resistance to moisture, vibration, shock, dust and ageing.


Simple to fit Economical to run Maintenance free Approved to international Standards Double insulated


less than 1mm Pad thickness 35mm Ø, 7mm depth Terminal Block 0.5mm oval cable 1 metre twin core 200W/m² Power rating


The eDemist can be fitted in homes, hotels, hospitals, leisure centres, caravans, boats and many other areas in both new build and refurbishment projects.


Part No Description Price (ex VAT) Price (inc VAT)
DM7005 eDemist Mirror Pad 150mm x 274mm £26.10 £31.32
DM7010 eDemist Mirror Pad 274mm x 274mm £28.90 £34.68
DM7020 eDemist Mirror Pad 274mm x 574mm £39.30 £47.16
DM7030 eDemist Mirror Pad 524mm x 524mm £51.10 £61.32
DM7040 eDemist Mirror Pad 524mm x 1024mm £80.80 £96.96
DM7025 eDemist Mirror Pad 450mm x 400mm £49.95 £59.94
DM7035 eDemist Mirror Pad 785mm x 524mm £74.00 £88.80
DM7050 eDemist Mirror Pad 1505mm x 524mm £127.58 £153.10

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eDemist Manual