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Quick Step Flooring

On-going research and innovation along with a strong focus on quality have made Quick-Step one of the top players in the flooring industry. The brand has evolved from being an affordable alternative to wood to a category in its own right, bringing a wide variety of design floors that are swift and easy to install and maintain in every situation.


Quick-Step Laminate floors are layered floors built around a watertight, glued High Density Fibre Board. Laminate floors are available in a near-endless variety of designs and colours – based on highly accurate representation of wood, ceramics, stone, etc.


Quick Step PARQUET

Quick-Step Parquet is made up of three layers of real wood. Thanks to the careful selection of raw materials and a sophisticated manufacturing process, hard wood floors are very stable and durable.

Quick Step LIVYN

Quick-Step Livyn is a comfortable and high-quality floor that combines the look & feel of natural wood with all the practical benefits of vinyl tiles.